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Company Profile

DingCheng (XiaMen) Machinery Co.,Ltd. /

Who we are?
DINGCHENG is a professional integrity of developing, producing, marketing and servicing for disposable hygiene products machines and relatives. 
Since 2000, DINGCHENG are devoting in this scope and confidence for next few decades and going on.

What we are?
Parts processing space: 2000 sqm
Assembling & testing space: 4000 sqm
New factory: 4000 sqm 
Produce more than 500 machineries per year 
Total about 260 employees: 
Design engineers: Mechanical 8% Electrical: 5%
Trial engineers: Mechanical 5% Electrical: 3%
Technicians: Mechanical 15% Electrical: 10% 
And about 40% professional mechanicians. 

Manage philosophy
Sincerely cooperation, Allied partnership, Mutual benefits, Grow together. 
Professional making, non-stop innovations. 
Quality first, Cost-saving designs & manufacturing. 
Precise management to ensure each steps on schedules. 
Joint with intelligences in devoting for next few decades and going on.


Existing Markets
More than 8000 machineries were distributed at domestics and overseas.  
Exporting was started in 2000, foreign relations as follow:  
Philipine, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Inia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Saudi Arabic,
Oman, U.A.E, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Kazakstan 
Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Ecuador 
Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, Angola 
Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Greece

1998 Hangzhou China, wing lady napkin machine displayed 
1999 Xian China, wing lady napkin machine displayed 
2000 Beijing China, wing lady napkin machine displayed 
2001 Zhuhai China, Baby Diaper machine displayeds 
2002 Fuzhou China, wing lady napkin machine displayed 
2002 Index02, Geneva switzerladn 
2003 Nanjing China, full servo lady napkin machine displayed 
2003 Since03, Shanghai China, full servo lady napkin machine displayed  
2004 Idea04, Miami USA 
2004 ST.Peterrsburg, Russia 
2004 Tehran Iran, Lady napkin machine displayed 
2004 New delhi, india 
2005 Nanjing, China 
2005 Index05, Geneva switzerland, lady napkin machine with Auto stacker diaplayed  
2005 Sao Paulo, Brazil  
2005 Istanbul, Turkey 
2005 Since05, Shanghai China 
2006 Kunming, China 
2007 Idea07, Miami USA 
2007 Qingdao, China 
2007 Since07, Shanghai China 
2008 Index08, Geneva Switzerland

1986-1992 Majored in paper products trading and simple machines making 
1993 Company foundation, developed first straight lady napkin machine  
1996 Developed first wing lady napkin machine 
1997 Developed first panty liner machine  
2000 Developed first baby diaper machine 
2001 Developed first underpad machine 
2002 Developed first full servo machine  
2003 Developed first diaper auto stacker
Developed first advanced wet wipe machine with auto packing unit. 
2004 Developed first napkin auto stacker
Developed first adult diaper machine
CE approved  
2005 Developed first common T-shape baby diaper machine
Developed first full servo light incontinence machine
Re-targetted market position, increased machines quality to high level,
Concentrated on full servo technologies and auto packing.
Introduced LEAN PRODUCTION system.  
2006 Developed first new style T-shape baby diaper machine
Adopted new concepts in machines configurations.
Started developing in trainning diaper  
Professional dedication, Endless developing and innovating


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