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Semi Handkerchiefs Packaging Machine(multi bag)

Semi Handkerchiefs Packaging Machine(multi bag)

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Semi Handkerchiefs Packaging Machine(multi bag)


Main Function and Feature:
1       Mainly applied in multi-bag handkerchief tissue packaging. Semi automatic type, requires worker to manually put small bags in larger plastic bag, then automatic seal.
2       PLC control and LCD operation screen for parameter setting, realizing man-machine conversation and more precise control.
3       Easy operation only requires 2 workers to handle. Good design that can directly connected with handkerchief single packaging machine by convoying belt. Auto counting reduces labors and at the same time allows the whole machine work faster, which highly improves production efficiency, lower company manufacturing & management costs and reduce production space.
4       Full-semi automatic operation, with accurate control and positioning, making finished packaging seal beautiful and tidy.
5       Whole machine with rational structure, stable performance, firm material. Especially the water-cooling protection, making the thermal fuse and high temperature resistant adhesive plaster more durable.
6       Machine first react and then function, operators feel safer during usage.
7       One machine is available for various product specifications.
Main Technical Parameters:
1       Packaging Speed: 10-15bags/min
2       Voltage: 220V, 50HZ    
3       Air-compressor: 0.6MPA (Prepared by customers)
4       Power: 0.4KW
5       Product measurement: L (40-200) * W (70-120) * H (50-180)mm. (Other sizes can be ordered)
6       Machine floor space: 2700*1050*1150mm
7       Weight: 300KG

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