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Semi Automatic L Type Hot Shrink Packaging Machine

Semi Automatic L Type Hot Shrink Packaging Machine

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This machine is suitable for packing maxi roll, industrial roll, and bathroom roll. The type of packaging is hot shrink packaging.
Performance and Main Features:
1. Antisticking heat resistant alloy “L” shape sealing knife. The sealing mouth is neat, in good order, no crack, no coking.
2. Teflon non-stick layer plated knife, not adhesive to film when cutting.
3. After cutting, the product goes automatically through the conveyor and comes into the hot shrink oven for packaging.
4. Manually controlled roll to adjust position of the conveyor easily.
5. The machine is both options for manual, auto working. Auto option enables the machine to work automatically according to the time set. The whole procedure is completed by air cylinder, largely reduce work difficult and increase production efficiency.
6. Double electromagnet actuation sealing&cutting frame, increase the sealing pressure.
7. Sliding film stand can place film reel with different specification (largest width reaches 550mm).
8. The sealing knife is protected by anti-overheating device.

Main Technical Parameters:

Largest Packing Size
(L+H)≤500mm (W+H)≤400mm (H)≤200mm
Largest Sealing Mouth Size
(oven size)
Packaging Speed
220V/50Hz 1.2kw
380V/50Hz 12kw
Floor Space

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Anonymous user( 2017-06-27 14:20:26 ) Give comment Comment
Pls send me quote for this machine and BTL-450A Can it wrap single tissue roll. Pls can you send me a video. Very interested in buying it.
dcmachineReply:( 2017-06-29 12:10:57 )
Dear sir/madam,thank you very much for your inquiry.our worker are arranging the quotation list of the Semi Automatic L Type Hot Shrink Packaging Machine,and will sent it to your email soon.
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