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Double Heads Tissue Packing and Sealing Machine

Double Heads Tissue Packing and Sealing Machine

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This sealing and packing machine is for soft drawing face tissues, napkin paper, square tissue etc, with convey belt and together with bagging and sealing in two heads. Adopting PLC control, displaying data, with data setting, control with precise orientation. The heating wire is not easy to damage and with high-temperature proof sticker, with easy operation, and easy in-put data. The packing sealing effect is very good, in good order, at fast speed to save labor cost and make the manufacturing cost lower, then increase the production efficiency. The whole machine is stable, main control parts are superior parts, others are national standard superior parts.


I. Function and Features

1. To fill and seal the packet at both heads together will enhance the efficiency and reduce the production costs.

2. Operating by machine instead of by human beings, making the finished products standard.

3. Operating easily, demanding few operators.

4. The machine hems so automatically and rapidly that the finished products look tidy and clean, standard on the surface.

5. Apply PLC computer programme control system, controlling and localizing exactly, setting and changing operation parameters handily.

6. Both single head and double heads can be used.


II. Machine Parameters


1. Packing Speed: 20-40 bags/min

2. Packing Size (LxWxHmm): (100-200) x (90-100) x (45-100)mm

3. Material: OPP/PE

4. Power Supply: 1.5KW, 220V, 50HZ

5. Dimension: 2200x1900x1400mm

6. Weight: 700kg

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