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Automatic Paper Wrapping Machine

Automatic Paper Wrapping Machine

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1.1 Introduction

This Automatic Paper Wrapping Machine is a newly-designed packing machine for toilet rolls by paper with advanced technology. It is used for wrapping toilet roll log with paper. This whole machine adopts premium steel material with good stucture. For main machine parts like cylinder and belts, we adopt domestic famous brand so that our machine has advanced mechanical performance; while for electrical component, we adopt Japanese brand Mitsubishi PLC and realize intelligent control. To conclude, this machine has the advantage of stable performance, easy operation and can save material and labor.


1.2 Main parameter

Packing object diameter




Packing object length


Packing paper requirement

Roll perimeter+20mm

Packing speed

8-12 logs/min

Air compressor



3 Phases,  380V   50Hz

Machine Weight

2.5 Tons

Machine Dimension

5100mm * 2600mm* 1600mm


1. Wrapping paper laying position

2. Wrapping paper sending device                                             

3. Wrapping paper slitting and glue device

4. Wrapping paper sending drive                                              

5. Motor drive to suit for the roll                                              

6. Motor drive to wrap the roll                                                  
7. Toilet roll before wrapping position

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