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Toilet paper multiple roll packing machine

Toilet paper multiple roll packing machine

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 Toilet paper multiple roll packing machine

I.                   Main Feature

1.      This packing machine is a combination for bagging and sealing; conveyor belt-type automatic transmission, automatic counting and sorting rolls, bagging, sealing into a whole packaging machine.

2.      Adopt PLC computer programming control, servo motor push material into the bag.

3.      The packing seal is beautiful and tidy, semi-automatic operation.


II.                Main Parameter

4.      Packaging Speed: 6-12 pack/min (depending on the staff bagging speed).

5.      Packing object diameter: single roll diameter 100-120mm.

6.      Packing object height: single roll height 100-130mm.

7.      Power voltage: 220V 50HZ

8.      Gas: 0.6mpa  0.3cubic meter /min

9.      Power: 2KW

10.  Dimension: L4100*W1000*H1500mm


III.             Model and types:

1.      DC-TP-PM7 Two heads 2 lines*5 rolls*2 layers

2.      DC-TP-PM8 Single head 3 lines*6 rolls*2 layers

3.      DC-TP-PM9 Single head 2 line*5 rolls*3 layers

4.      DC-TP-PM10 Single head 4 line*6 rolls*2 layers



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