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Wet Tissue Machine (DC-WT-40-120I)

Wet Tissue Machine (DC-WT-40-120I)

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Wet Tissue Machine


Detailed Product Description
Wet Tissue Machine, Wet Wipes Machine, Tissue Machine
DC-WT-40-100I Full Auto 40-100Pieces per Package Wet Tissue Machine
I. Introduction
Model name: DC-WT-40-100I
This machine is used to produce 40-100 pieces wet tissues per package, finished products as per in the picture shown above.
II. Function and Features
The Flowing chart of DC-WT-40-100I Full Auto 40-100Pieces Per Package Wet Tissue Machine is: Raw Material—Splitting —Folding—Wetting—Cutting—Pile Counting— Transporting —Packing —Finished Product. All processes (from raw material to finished product) are finished on the machine. The machine is durable, the producing processes are sanitary, the speed is fast and the function is very steady!
The wet wipes can be baby wipes, kitchen wipes, daily cleaning wipes, car wipes, it depends on your need, the difference is just the liquid used.
III. Main Technical Parameter

Main Technical Parameter For Folding Machine
Power supply
380V, 50HZ (For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place)
Power needed:
Suitable material
Spun-lace non-woven fabrics, Hot-rolling non-woven fabrics.
Material Weight
Production size(unfolded)
Production size(folded)
Production speed
Raw material size
Folding way
Pop up or Non pop up
Counting way
Auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system
Humidification agitating system
Double agitating
Control system
PLC control system, color touching screen
Machine size(mm)
Water tank size(mm)
2000*1100*1900 250KG
Weight of machine(kg)
Main Technical Parameter For Packing Machine
Power supply
380V, 50HZ(For your reference, it depends on the power situation in your place)
Power needed
Production speed
30~50 packages/min
Production size (mm)
Controllable package making machine
Insert angle equipment
Electric auto-follow, date printing, punching, labeling
Control system
Color touching screen, PLC control system.
Net weight of machine
Machine size
5280*1000*2100 mm (L*W*H)

III. Export Details
1. Delivery time: 35 days (It takes time to ensure the processing precision, assembling precision, etc. Of course, the delivery time can be discussed as the case may be.)
2. Load port: Xiamen port in Fujian Province
3. Packing: In standard export wooden cases
4. Container: 1 x 20 feet container (It depends on the quantity of the machines you buy).
5. Machine installation and operation training: The seller should dispatch professional technicians and engineers to buyer’s plant to install the machine and train the workers. The round air ticket, accommodation and salary should be paid by buyer.
6. Warranty period: One year(Except easy damaged parts), and will provide long term services including providing spare parts at low price and will heart and soul help the buyer to solve any problem may occur.
7. Our company also provides the raw material to match with the machine.

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